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"IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the conference."

  • At least one of the authors must register for the paper no later than 24 Feb. 2009. Please note that paper will not be published in the proceeding of the conference if author registraters after this date.
  • Please follow the "Submission Guidelines" to submit your final camera-ready paper.
  • Please take a look in "Venue and Public Transport" to prepare your journey.
  • Block reservations have been made at hotels located in the city center. Please take a look in "Accommodation" for more details.
  • Do not delay in making VISA arrangements for entry into Germany if needed. If nessesary, please send a request for an invitation letter with your full contact information to ISPLC09@ifn.et.tu-dresden.de

Guidelines for preparing your oral presentation

The working language of the Conference is English and will be used for all printed material, presentations, and discussions.
Please meet your session chair at least 15 minutes before the session starts. You should identify yourself to the session chair for your session and check in with the AV staff to go over your equipment and needs to bring the PDF or PowerPoint file on a USB drive, and load it on the
computer in your session room. You also need to check that it is working properly. This is very important to pay attention to this time frame. The visual equipment provided is  a LCD projector.
Time Allocation:
20 minutes (including 5 minutes for Q&A) has been allowed for the presentation of your contribution, and this time allocation must not be exceeded.

To make the most of the presentation time, you may find the following guidelines to be helpful:

  • Speak clearly and avoid colloquial English - not all delegates use English as their native language.
  • Summarize your written paper and present any updated material and results. The focus should be on the basic concepts and conclusions, rather than the details.
  • Please note that questions may be taken following your presentation.

The Session Chairs have been asked to be strict with their time keeping of presentations, this will enable delegates to walk between sessions and attend the presentations of their choice.
Visual Aids:
For IEEE ISPLC 2009 only PDF and and PowerPoint presentations are allowed, using the laptop in the presentation room. The laptop runs MS Windows XP and has Adobe Acrobat reader 9, MS Powerpoint 2003 and 2007. Please make sure that you are using only American English fonts.

  • A maximum of six or seven lines including the title (not more than 20 words).
  • Avoid abbreviations, mathematics and tables of results (graphs or histograms are much better).
  • Lettering should be lowercase, medium or bold and at least
    "this size" (Arial 22) 
    • computer printouts
    • photocopied pages of books
    • hand-drawn transparencies
  • Keep diagrams as simple as possible
  • Company logos, if used, should be of a modest size.